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Where On Earth Did We Come From

I guess I’ve always thought it’s a lot easier to believe that God created me than it is for me to believe that I evolved from some type of slime into a monkey and eventually into a human being. Although some people have told me that on some mornings they see much more of a resemblance to the monkey world in me.

But hey, let’s face it – none of us were around back then and we really don’t know how it all went down. I guess for me though, it takes less faith for me to believe that God spoke and created than it does for me to believe the alternative.

One day, for whatever reason. God decided to create. It wasn’t like He was bored or lonely or needed something to do. He already existed in a perfect community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But He decided to create and He literally spoke creation into existence. He created the heavens and the earth. He created the sun, moon and stars. He created land and water and space and time. And then at the apex of it all, God created humanity. And He created us much differently than everything else. He created us IN HIS IMAGE. He breathed the breath of life into our nostrils and gave us a soul that was meant to live on forever. And when He was finished, he looked at us and said we were very, very good.

I guess you could look at it this way: One day my wife and I decided we wanted to start a family. It wasn’t like we were lonely or felt like we were missing anything, there was just something starting to brew deep down inside of both of us…you know what it was? I think it was some of the same stuff brewing inside of God. It was LOVE! We wanted to start a family because of love. And I’ll never forget the day each of my kids were born. I was right in there with my wife in the delivery room and all I could do was weep. I was watching something that I helped to create come into the world for the very first time. It was amazing. And I fell instantly in love with my children. They hadn’t even done anything yet. They hadn’t helped mow the yard or clean up around the house. They hadn’t paid any bills or even helped me unload the dishwasher. But I loved them and still love them to this very day. You know why? Because they’re mine!

God’s love caused Him to create us in His image and breathe the breath of life into our souls and now we’re His. We’re children of the King of the Universe! And we’re here on this earth to simply love, enjoy and honor our Heavenly Father. Pretty amazing story huh? And it’s true. And it makes an amazing difference in my life when I live out of that truth. Why don’t you give it a try?

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