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Hangin' Out With Jesus

Have you ever thought about what Jesus was really like? I mean…I know Jesus is God and that’s HUGE, but what was He really like…you know…as a man? Have you ever thought about that? I mean, did He laugh? Did He cry? Was he introverted or extroverted? Do you think you would’ve liked hanging out with Him? What kind of personality do you think He had?

I think the Bible gives us a great look into what Jesus was like as a man while He was here on earth. It certainly doesn’t tell us everything about Jesus. (Pause) For instance, the Bible never says Jesus laughed. (Pause) Now does that mean He never did? Of course not! The Bible also never records Jesus ever going to the bathroom, but I know He did because He was human just like you and me. In the Gospel of John, the Bible says, if everything Jesus did was written down, all the books in the WORLD wouldn’t be able to record it all…so I think it’s safe to say Jesus did quite a few things that weren’t necessarily written down for us.

Personally, I think Jesus had a great sense of humor! I think He could laugh with the best of them. After all, isn’t He the One who created laughter and gave it to us as a gift? (Pause) He told stories about people getting logs stuck in their eyes and camels trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle…and back in the day, these were stories where people would laugh and really get a kick out of it all!

But I also know Jesus went through difficult times…he felt emotions and pain and loss. He cried when His good friend Lazarus died. He wept over the city of Jerusalem because they were so lost and just didn’t have the faith to believe. He cried so hard in the Garden of Gethsemane right before His death on the cross that it physically affected His entire body!

I also know Jesus was creative because if you think about it…He was the son of a carpenter and He himself most likely worked creatively with wood and with his hands…and just think of all the cool stuff He created in the beginning with His Father…hippos and orangutans and sloths and people like you and me…He was definitely creative.

And I know He knew what it felt like to be tempted…the Bible says He was tempted in every way I am, with one exception: Jesus never sinned. He never gave into that temptation…but He definitely knows what it’s like to go through what I go through…and that’s very reassuring to me.

Hey, I know we can’t know everything about Jesus, but what I do know seems very attractive. I know I’d love hanging out with Him! When you read the Bible, you see all kinds of people constantly trying to be around Him. Not just for some free food or to watch Him do a miracle or something, but just because they were attracted to Him as a person…to His incredible personality…and I hope you are too! Even though He’s not here in person anymore, Jesus is alive! And He wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to get to know you as a friend…so He can show you the best way to live!

What’s keeping you from that? All you need to do to begin a friendship with Jesus is to pray and tell Him that’s what you want…then start learning about Him as He’s revealed in the Bible. Start following Him…start trusting Him with your life today!

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