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Changing The Way I Think

Becoming a follower of Jesus Christ means that at some point you REPENT of your own way of living and you begin to TRUST Jesus by putting your FAITH in Him. To REPENT literally means “to think about the way you think.� You come to a point where you understand that the way you’ve been thinking about your life needs to change and you decide to turn away from that way of living – whether it’s anti-God or just completely devoid of God…and you decide to turn toward Him and His ways. When you look ahead in trust and confidence to Jesus as the One who can and will forgive you, that’s FAITH. Repentance and faith together is what it means to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Way is the best way to live. It’s not always the easiest way…but it’s always the best! Becoming a Christ-Follower will not instantly make all of your problems disappear. It won’t mean you’ll become rich and famous. But it does mean that you’ve become a Child of the King of Kings and you are now an heir to His Eternal Kingdom. That kingdom is available to you right now…right here today and will continue on forever and ever in heaven for all eternity!

The Bible says that when someone makes this decision to commit their life to Jesus Christ, the angels rejoice and throw a party in heaven! That’s because you’ve finally discovered the real reason for living – you’ve begun to discover the JOY and the HOPE that’s available to you through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you’ve decided to begin following Him today, I want to be the first to WELCOME YOU into God’s Kingdom! We’d love to help you learn how to follow Jesus more closely. Let us know how we can serve you!

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