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God's Bestseller

I love to read! One of my favorite things to do is to spend a few hours with a great book. And I love reading some of the best books over and over again.

Year after year the Bible continues to be near the top of the best seller list…and it’s there for a reason: The Bible is an awesome book! Did you know that it was written over a period of 1500 years by 40 different authors? And even with all of those different contributors over all of those years, there are no contradictions…no mistakes. You want to know why? Because ultimately the Bible was written by God Himself! I don’t completely understand the process either, but somehow God’s Spirit “came upon� these human authors and breathed His Divine breath into their lives. These people then wrote down what God’s Spirit inspired them to write and the Holy Scriptures came into being.

And here’s the greatest thing about the Bible…have you ever had this experience? You read a chapter that you’ve read before but this time you see something completely different in it that you’ve never seen before? (Pause) You know why that is? Because God’s Word is alive! It’s living and active and it gets inside of our soul and works on us spiritually. In other words, we don’t just read the Bible, the Bible reads us! That’s why it’s different than other holy books out there. The Bible is written by God and is capable of changing our lives!

The question is: Will you give God a shot? Why not get yourself a Bible, open it up and start reading? Maybe it will change your life too!

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