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Why Are There So Many Bibles

One of my friends went to buy a Bible a little while ago and when he got to the store and started looking around, he called me on his cell phone because he couldn’t believe how many different Bibles there are out there. “Hey Ambrose, you told me to go pick up a Bible and start reading it, but do you have any idea how many different Bibles there are out here? Which one am I supposed to get?�

So I had to explain to my buddy that there aren’t really lots of different Bibles out there, there are lots of different versions available to us these days.

The original copy of the Bible isn’t around any more. I think God made sure of that because He didn’t want people worshipping a document, He wanted people worshipping Him! The original Bible was written by God Himself and communicated down to men through divine inspiration.

But God didn’t dictate the Bible to these men, He spoke to the authors through their unique personalities and life circumstances. And God communicated His Word in two different languages: The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and the New Testament was written in Greek. All the different versions and copies we have today all came from the original documents God communicated to us directly. That’s why God says His Word – the Bible – is living and active! God’s Word has the power to change us and make us into the kind of people we were originally created to me…if we’ll just obey what it says. If we’ll just take the time to pick it up, dig into it and read it…then it will read us and help us become more like God Himself.

Personally, I like reading the New Living Translation of the Bible. It just seems easier to read and understand to me, but check it out for yourself…whatever version you read, I hope God meets you there. Pray and ask Him to help you understand what you read. Invite Him to help you grow spiritually…I guarantee it will be quite an adventure!

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