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I've Got Soul

Lots of people are afraid of death because they have no idea what comes next. And to be honest, I think it’s natural to be a little bit afraid of something you’ve never experienced. But I want you to know the Bible’s crystal clear about what happens when we die. The Bible teaches that we’ve all been created with a soul…that unseen part of us that makes us who we are…that part of us that God breathed into us to give us eternal life.

See, because we’re all created in God’s Image, we’ve all been given a soul that will live on forever and ever. Hebrews 9:27 in the Bible says that every one of us will die someday and then face judgment for how we managed our lives. And as we stand before God, He will hand down His perfect judgment on our lives based upon what we did with His Son Jesus Christ.

If we’ve placed our faith and trust in Jesus for this life, we’ll be prepared to spend eternity with Him in heaven. But if in this life we’ve basically said through the way we’ve lived that we don’t need God or Jesus or spirituality, God’s not going to push Himself on us for all eternity…and we’ll spend eternity separated form God in a place called hell.

Hell was originally created by God for the devil and His angels. It was not created for humanity and God doesn’t want anyone to go there. But again…He will never force Himself upon us. That’s just not His style. That’s just not what real love is all about. God wants us to come to Him because we want to…because we love Him. If you want to be sure of what will happen to you when you die, why not turn to Jesus right now? Tell Him you believe in Him and want to follow Him. Commit yourself to following His teachings in the Bible and start a relationship that will last forever!

It’s never too late to turn to Jesus. No matter what you’ve done. No matter how bad you think you’ve been, there’s always hope. The Bible says that as Jesus was hanging on the Cross dying for our sins, there was a thief hanging next to Him who reached out and asked Jesus to help Him and Jesus saw the man’s faith…so he told the thief, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.� That’s what Jesus wants for all of us after we die. And you can experience that by preparing yourself for eternity today by the way you live your life!

Why not turn to Jesus and start trusting Him for your life right now? What’s holding you back? Whatever it is, Jesus can handle it. Put your faith in Him today…

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