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Meet My Human Friend Jesus

Have you ever thought about Jesus the human being? I mean seriously, it might be hard to believe, but Jesus was just like you and me in many ways: He was a normal kid growing up…his parents took care of him when he was little…he had to learn how to walk and talk and all that stuff. Jesus was a teenager…

Even though they didn’t use that word back in the day, Jesus went through adolescence and all the challenges that come with the teenage years. His voice started to change. His body changed. I wonder if He ever got pimples? I know I sure did when I was a teenager!

Think about this for a minute: Jesus laughed and cried and even went to the bathroom just like we do! Okay, don’t think about that too much…But I want you to know that Jesus was a human being! He got tired. He had to rest and re-charge His body. He felt emotions just like we do: joy and sadness. He experienced everything we experience on a regular basis.

He was even tempted in every way we’re tempted…with one major difference: Jesus never sinned. He never messed up. Isn’t that unbelievable? Even though He faced all the same things we face on a daily basis, He never gave in. He never gave into His emotions and reacted out of frustration or fear. He never sinned.

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for us to imagine Jesus as a human being. We’re so used to messing up. We’re so used to falling short. We’re so used to our emotions getting the best of us at times that it’s really difficult to relate to someone who never crossed any of those lines isn’t it?

Well maybe it shouldn’t be! What if I told you that you were created to live that way too? What if I told you that the reason God came to earth in the form of a man was to teach us how to live? That it’s possible to live like Jesus! In fact, it’s the best way to live and Jesus showed us how to do it by the way He lived His life.

Jesus was 100% human – but He is so much more…

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