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100% Human, 100% Divine

A lot of people have heard about Jesus the Great Teacher…they’ve probably heard some of his teachings on loving God and loving our neighbor. Maybe you’ve even heard about Jesus as a Powerful Prophet…you’ve heard about Him calming the storm, healing the sick and even raising the dead. But I wonder if you’ve ever heard about Jesus the Messiah…the Son of God?

Did you know that although Jesus was 100% human, he was also 100% Divine? I know it seems hard to believe, but Jesus was not only a man, He was also God in the flesh! In the Bible, the book of Colossians…chapter 1 talks about Jesus being the visible “image of the invisible God�. That means God lived here on earth in Jesus’ body. Pretty cool stuff huh? But pretty tough to understand too!

In fact, it’s this point that most people struggle with the most when it comes to spiritual issues…when they’re trying to figure out what they believe about Jesus and Christianity. People love talking about Jesus the Great Teacher. Most of my friends “get� that Jesus had extraordinary power. But when you begin talking about Him as the Messiah – God in the flesh – that’s when the questions spring up…because now a choice is involved!

See…the Bible teaches that Jesus came to earth not only to teach us how to live, but also to die for our sins – the sins of men and women – people like you and me. I have a buddy who once asked me, “Why did Jesus have to die for me anyway? I don’t even know the guy!� He wondered what that was all about. This whole “some guy dying for someone else� stuff was really throwing him for a loop! Why would someone have to do that anyway? Well see, here’s the basic deal: Because none of us are perfect like Jesus…because we sin and screw up all the time…those mistakes had to cost somebody something. They cost Jesus something. He had to sacrifice His own life on the Cross because of my sin. He had to sacrifice his life because it was the only kind of sacrifice that would satisfy God’s anger toward sin and all the pain that sin causes in our life. I couldn’t sacrifice my own life because I’m not perfect – I couldn’t offer the kind of sacrifice that would satisfy God. Only Jesus could. So He gave His life up so that I could have life.

Jesus is life. As the Creator and Designer of our life, He came to earth to teach us how to live…to really enjoy this life. And one of the things He taught was that this life is not best experienced when we live it all for ourselves, this life is best experienced when we live for Him! This life is best experienced when we live for others and serving other people with the love of Jesus. That’s not always the easiest, but it brings real fulfillment. It helps us get to know God the best when we’re living for Him and serving other people.

One of the greatest things about God coming to earth in human flesh is that He can be known. God is personal. He can be known through a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. We can have a relationship with Him. In fact, knowing and loving Jesus is the real reason why we’re on this earth in the first place. God wants to be known. He’s reached out toward us through Jesus and all He wants us to do is love Him and follow Him with our life. We can’t do anything to earn that love. God loves us because He created us and He wants us to love Him back. But He leaves that choice up to us. He’ll never force His love upon us. In the Bible…in John’s New Testament Gospel Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.� See, God had a unique purpose in Jesus…It was to communicate truth to us. It was to show us His love.

Listen to what Richard Peace says it in his book Conversion in the New Testament, he says, “Truth isn’t only found in Christianity. Truth is truth and all truth is of God.� Here’s what I’ve found in my own life: Jesus is the best way for me to know and understand God’s love. I follow Him because He not only died for me, but He rose from the dead – He’s alive! Jesus is a risen Savior who wants to have a personal relationship with me. It may seem a little weird at first…having a relationship with someone you can’t see or touch, but let me tell you that Jesus has completely revolutionized my life and I wish you’d give Him a shot at yours…

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