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I've Never Seen God

I’ll never forget as a kid growing up hearing about that Russian Cosmonaut who got up into outer space and said something like…Now I know for sure that there is no God. I can’t seem up here anywhere.� And I remember thinking, “Of course you don’t see God up there, because God is a Spirit and a Spirit is an invisible being without a body.

No one has ever seen God. But that doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. You can’t see the wind either, but I’m sure you’ve felt it. I’ve never seen love, but I know it’s real…I’ve seen its effects. I’ve experienced them personally.

You can’t prove that God exists scientifically. You can’t put God in some test tube. But you can see the results of God’s existence. Just take a look around. Look at the beautiful creation He designed for you. Look at all the little details He’s put into His creation…colors and shapes and incredible beauty in places you’d never imagine. Talk to one of His followers and ask them how they’ve seen Him work in their lives.

I know for sure that God exists because I just talked to Him this morning. I talk to Him all the time. He’s changed my life and He can change yours too…but you have to come to Him in faith believing that He exists and that He can change YOUR life like he’s changed millions of other lives all around you. Why don’t you try reaching out to Him in faith right now?

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