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Are All Religions The Same

There’s a common misperception out there that all religions are basically the same…that all roads end up in the same place…well I’m here to tell you that’s just not true. I certainly wouldn’t claim to speak for all the religions of the world, but let me see if I can briefly explain the difference between most religions out there and what we believe here at…

We understand “religion� as humanity’s attempt to get to know God…that’s why we would emphasize that we believe God has already taken the initiative to get to know us by sending His Son Jesus into the world. In other words, we like to focus more on a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

We believe God can be known and understood through Jesus. We believe that Jesus is God in the flesh. We believe that Jesus Christ, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit make up what we call the Holy Trinity. And while that word “trinity� is never used anywhere in the Bible, it’s a good word to describe the “tri-unity� of God. I would certainly never pretend to understand how all of that works. I think it’s beyond us…but that’s why God’s God and I’m not.

The Bible teaches that Jesus as God in the flesh…Jesus as the Savior of the World…the One who died on the Cross and came back to life 3 days later and is still alive today…this same Jesus is the only One we can depend upon for “eternal life�. See, the Bible also teaches that whoever commits their life to following Jesus…whoever trusts Him through faith and repents of their sin can have a personal relationship with God and when they die, they don’t really die…their soul lives on forever in heaven with God. The Bible teaches that Hell was created by God as a place for the Devil and his angels…it was not made for human beings like you and me and God doesn’t want anyone to spend eternity there in eternal punishment...So the best way…the only way to send eternity with Jesus Himself in heaven is to commit your life to Him…trust Him with everything you’ve got and follow Him with your life.

So are all religions the same? Do they basically all lead to the same place? Well…I don’t care if in this life you label yourself a Catholic or a Baptist or a Muslim or a Buddhist, the only way to spend eternity in heaven with God is through a relationship with Jesus…why not consider taking a journey down that road? It’s the best one ever!

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