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What Makes For A Good Friend

Everybody needs a few good friends. Some people can’t even count on their own family to be there for them any more these days. But a good friend can make up for some of that. A good friend knows how to listen and encourage. A good friend knows how to walk alongside you when you’re hurting. And a good friend also knows how to get in you face when they need to…they know how to call you out on things and help you believe that you can become so much better than what you already are!

My best friend and I have gone through a lot of stuff together. We’ve been friends since college, and even though we live in different states, we do the best we can to stay in touch. We use e-mail and cell phones to talk on a regular basis. And we also do our best to actually get together as often as possible just to hang out and share our lives with one another. (Pause) Believe me, we’ve had plenty of times when we’ve had to get in each others’ faces…but we’ve also had many opportunities to have some fun together too!

Having a few good friends is a very important thing in life…but in order to HAVE friends, you also have to learn to BE a friend. Any friendship takes time. A good friendship means investing yourself in another person. Are you ready to BE that kind of friend? I hope so. Because it can make all the difference in the world!

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