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What Does God Think About Divorce

Did you know that the Bible says God HATES divorce? (Pause) Now that doesn’t mean God hates divorced people or people from divorced families or people with divorced parents. Which I’m personally grateful for, because if he did I would be in trouble. No, what the Bible means when it says God hates divorce is that God hates all of the pain that comes with a divorce. It’s not the way He originally designed things. In the very beginning, God created one man and one woman and wanted them to live together for a lifetime. That was what was best. But because of the “hardness of our hearts�, and our inability to get along with one another, God allowed divorce to happen. In fact, in some particular instances – like when someone’s getting abused – divorce may be the absolute best thing.

But I’ve talked with a lot of people from divorced homes and almost all of them tell me how difficult it was. Watching their parents put each other through hell. Trying to figure out who they’re supposed to live with. One parent trying to make the other one look like a jerk. It’s just not a lot of fun.

But here’s some good news: Even in the midst of a very difficult situation…if you’re caught up in all of this right now, God wants you to know that He’ll never leave you. This isn’t what He wanted, but something good will come out of it. He will meet you in the middle of this mess and help you in any way He can.

Why not take some time and talk to Him about it right now?

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