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Wait And Separate

There actually are some good reasons for a married couple to separate for awhile…Let’s face it, even in the best marriage, it can be hard work at times. If worked with couples who’ve gone through really tough stuff together and had to separate for awhile just to get some time to think…some time to get some wise counsel and determine what God wanted for their marriage. If you’re in a tough spot with your marriage right now and are thinking about ending it and getting a divorce, let me encourage you to try separating for awhile before you make any final decisions.

Divorce is a difficult deal and it brings a lot of pain and baggage with it. I don’t know your exact situation and maybe you really do need to walk down that road for safety reasons, but as a last resort…if you really do want to try and make your marriage work, I would encourage you to get some time alone to think, pray and get some wise counsel from people who care about you.

The goal with any separation is to give it some time to cool off…some time to think…with the ultimate goal of coming back together to make your marriage work. I can’t tell you how many couples I’ve seen separate for awhile and then come back together and really make their marriage better than it’s ever been. I want you to know there’s hope! God wants you to know that people REALLY CAN CHANGE!

Even though it may not seem like it and you’re almost ready to give up hope, I want to encourage you…I want you to know that God has the power to change anyone’s heart. God has the power to bring you and your spouse back together and make your marriage better than it’s ever been!

You may just need some time to think…to get some help from good friends…some time to talk to God about it and listen for what HE wants for your marriage.

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