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Learning How To Be Bored

I’m amazed at how busy people are these days! I mean seriously…do we really need to be involved in as much stuff as we’re involved with in life? I mean what are we avoiding anyway?

I remember talking to a kid who was playing with my boys over our house one time and he said, “I love coming over here.� I asked him why and he said, “Because I can just play and be a normal kid. My mom and dad make me do way too much stuff sometimes.� This kid was involved with soccer and karate and some extra stuff at school and he never had a chance just to be a kid. I spoke with his mom about what he said and she told me that she believed in keeping her kids busy to keep them out of trouble. Personally, I think she’s making herself a completely different kind of trouble.

I think we all need to learn how to bored more often. I think it fosters creativity! I know when I was kid and said I was bored, my mom told me to go outside and use my imagination…and I came up with all kinds of stuff to have fun with!

I also think we could all use a good dose of doing nothing so we could take some time to think and reflect and appreciate all that we’ve got. Maybe we need to learn to say NO more often. Just because we have all these opportunities to do things doesn’t mean we have to do them all. It’s ok to pass on something good to wait for something better…and maybe that something better is just hanging out and doing nothing with some friends!

It was mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal who once said, “All the problems of the world come from this one single fact: That man does not know how to be alone by himself in his own room.� I love that! To me, it means that if we could just learn to be ok with being by our self and not be consumed with always having to be doing something the world may very well be a better place.

What’s busy-ness doing to your life? What can you do about it? What could you say NO to today?

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