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Kids Caught In The Middle

I had the privilege of working hands-on with high school and middle school students for a long time when I first got out of college up until just a couple of years ago…and one of the bigger things that kept jumping out at me during that time was how much I saw the family changing through the years.

When I first started working with kids there were a lot more moms and dads living with their children in the same house – you know…like what a lot of people would refer to as a “normal� family – whatever “normal� means… And yet these days I see more and more blended families popping up all over the place…single moms living with their kids during the week…dads living with their kids on the weekend…lots of kids caught in the middle…for some of those kids, that’s no big deal. For others, it’s ripping them apart. Some of their parents using them as “pawns� in a game of custody…it sucks for pretty much everybody involved.

And I gotta tell ya: This is tough stuff. It’s complicated. It just seems to me like there’s a ton of people who get hurt along the way – and there aren’t always a lot of great answers are there? (Pause)
So if some of this sounds like your life, I want to give you some good news! I want you to know that no matter how jacked up your situation might seem right now, there really are some good things that can come out of it. I also want you to know that there are people who want to help. There are people who care…There are people who want to try and be there for you…just to listen. To show you that there’s HOPE! There are people who have been in your situation and lived to tell about it! People that are being used by God right now…to reach out and help others who are going through the same crap you’re going through.

So do me a favor…if you’re in a jacked up family situation and you just want someone to talk to…someone who knows what you’re going through…and is willing to listen…would you jump onto our BLOG and let them know how they can help. When I’m going through tough times, it helps me a ton just to know someone cares. It helps to know that someone knows what I’m going through…and maybe they’d even be willing to pray for me as I go through it.

You’re definitely not alone in this! And God will give you what you need to get through it. But you may have to reach out and ask for His help along the way…

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