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Jesus Went Ballistic

A lot of people ask me, “Didn’t Jesus ever get angry?� I mean, c’mon Ambrose, there has to be a time when he lost it too right? And so I share the story with them in the second chapter of John’s Gospel where Jesus comes into the Temple and sees a bunch of people in there using it as a flea market instead of a place of worship. They were selling stuff and making money instead of spending time with God.

As you can imagine, this makes Jesus pretty upset so Jesus makes a whip and starts chasing people out of there and restoring order. The Bible says Jesus was consumed with passion for His Father’s house. In other words, he used his anger in a positive way – and he brought change into a situation that desperately needed it.

The Bible is pretty clear when it talks about anger and how we’re supposed to handle it: It says, “Be angry, but do not sin.� It also says, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger.� Which means that it really is possible to be angry without going over the line. It also means that we should always try to work for a resolution with people that we’re angry with. Jesus came to show us how to do that. Of course He got angry at times because anger is something we’re all hard-wired with as humans, but he never gave in and crossed the line with it…He always used it in a productive way. And that means we can too! But we may need some help.

Maybe you could ask a friend to help you…or better yet, talk to God about it. He’s been there. And He can help you! Talk to Him right now.

i. The following could be an e-document that would help you understand your own anger a bit more and possibly make some different decisions when I’m angry:
1. What am I angry at or about?
2. What was I trying to accomplish that I thought anger would fix?
3. What am I afraid of?

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