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I Have No Addictions

One of the things that fuels any addiction is something called denial. I once heard someone define denial with this acronym: Don’t Even Know I Am Lying.

When someone’s stuck in an addiction there’s usually some form of denial going on. There’s almost always a lot of lying…Maybe they’re lying to themselves…they don’t think they have a problem, or they think they can handle it on their own. Maybe they wake up the morning after with a cotton mouth and wonder where it came from…They say to themselves: It’s no big deal…I’ll be alright. I can control this. They believe the lies they’re telling themselves.

And of course if I’m lying to myself, I’m probably lying to a lot of other people too…like the people who are closest to me: my friends and family…people I work with…people I really care about.

See here’s the deal: Because I feel as though I have to try and control my using, I tell one lie after another. I do whatever it takes to keep using. I try to control the entire situation. I DENY I HAVE A PROBLEM…And I get to a point where I DON’T EVEN KNOW I AM LYING.

If that’s where you’re at right now with you addiction, you need help. You have to start telling the truth. You have to start being honest with yourself or this will kill you. It will take away everything that matters most to you. It will bring you to your knees. But there are people who want to help. There are people who care. Let them start helping you today…

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