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I used to tell people that I “struggled� with certain things in my life. I asked them to pray for me, but never really let anyone into my life completely. I was really good at keeping secrets and only telling people part of the truth instead of the whole truth. I even became great at playing one person against another and using them both to keep my struggle just that…it was MY struggle. I was keeping that part of my life a SECRET. I didn’t want to let anyone near the situation because I was afraid of what they might think about me or how they might react.

It wasn’t until I finally admitted to myself and to a few other people that I wasn’t just STRUGGLING, I was ADDICTED and I couldn’t say no on my own that I really started to experience healing. I’ll never forget that first time I looked at my good friend directly in the eyes and said, “I’ve been lying to you for years. I’ve been telling you half-truths about my struggle and making myself seem better than I really am. The truth is: I’ve been addicted for years and I need help. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I can’t do this on my own. Would you help me?�

That was a transformational moment in my life because my friend didn’t judge me…in fact, he told me about his own addiction and thanked me for finally telling him the whole truth. We’ve had a great relationship for years now and without him…and the truthfulness of our relationship…I guarantee I would turn right back toward my addiction. It wasn’t until I determined to break the silence and the secrecy of that area of my life that I began to experience all that God had for me!

Maybe it’s time for you to have the courage to open up to someone else in your life…maybe it’s time to at least begin praying for God to bring that kind of friend into your life…maybe it’s time to start BEING that kind of friend!

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